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Professional Affiliations

Aaron is a member of Sony Professional Services, the National Geographic Society, the National Audubon Society, Gura Gear Pro Team member, and a Really Right Stuff Champion.  He is CPR and First Aid Certified through the American Life and Health Foundation.

Aaron’s brown bear image featured on the cover of Outdoor Photographer Magazines November 2020 issue.

Aaron Baggenstos: Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer, Videographer, and Author

Aaron Baggenstos is a celebrated professional wildlife photographer, videographer, and author, whose captivating images narrate the compelling stories of nature and wildlife. His work is fueled by his passion and dedication to conserving and preserving biodiversity and habitats across the globe, inspiring others to embrace the beauty of the natural world through their own photography.

Having been recognized by National Geographic for five consecutive years in their international photography contest, Aaron’s talent has also been acknowledged by esteemed organizations such as Nature’s Best, Outside, North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), and the Audubon Society. In addition, his work has made it to the final rounds in the esteemed Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Through his work Aaron hopes to inspire others to photograph, enjoy, and take action to protect, local and worldwide ecosystems.  You can follow his ongoing travel adventures through his social media streams on InstagramFacebook, and  YouTube.

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Aaron’s image was selected for the cover of the 2022 Alaska Airlines Calendar.

Aaron Photo Tours

In the last 10 years Aaron has led hundreds of photography tours around the world specializing in the premier wildlife destinations on the planet.  His is portfolio of photo tours include Alaska, Yellowstone, Kenya, Botswana, Madagascar, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, India, Svalbard, and Antarctica.

Aaron’s teaching style consistently wins the highest of praise from his clients, who also hail from around the globe.

A Personal Invitation From Aaron

Embark on a transformative journey with Aaron’s Photo Tours™, meticulously crafted for nature and wildlife photography enthusiasts of all levels. As you explore the world’s most captivating landscapes and witness awe-inspiring wildlife phenomena, you’ll master your camera equipment and digital processing techniques under the expert guidance of Aaron Baggenstos.

Over the past decade, Aaron has led hundreds of wildlife photography tours worldwide, scouting and revisiting numerous wildlife hotspots, and hand-picking the best accommodations for your comfort and convenience. Trust Aaron and his team to plan your adventure with precision and a keen eye for detail, ensuring an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

With a strong foundation in business, Aaron excels as a photography instructor, mentor, and guide. He understands that individuals have unique learning styles and tailors his instruction to meet the needs of his audience, working seamlessly with seniors, beginners, and seasoned professionals alike.

Aaron’s Photo Tours emphasize small group, intimate experiences with nature, providing more personalized attention and fostering closer interactions with wildlife. Aaron’s extensive network of local guides and organizations enables him to stay updated on the best shooting locations and times, ensuring you have the finest opportunities to capture stunning images.

Aaron’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving photography industry sets him apart. As a continuous learner, he participates in one photo tour each year, led by one of his peers, and stays at the forefront of photographic developments in both hardware and software, backed by some of the most innovative brands in the industry.

Join Aaron’s Photo Tours to unlock your creative potential, master your camera skills, and return home with some of the best images you’ve ever captured. Together, let’s create memories and contribute to the conservation of the breathtaking locations we visit, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

If you’re seeking a fast track to achieving the photography skills and results you’ve always wanted, look no further. The world needs more nature and wildlife enthusiasts like you.

We eagerly await the opportunity to travel with you.

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